The Art of Zen

What comes to mind when you read the word ‘Zen’?

For some of us, images of round rocks stacked in neatly combed sand might come up… Or perhaps some ideas of a doctrine or a philosophy…

But, Zen just is!

Zen is meditation, and a conscious thing.

It is that which we discover when we keep coming back to the moment. So, the practice, or the art of zen is removing the unnecessary thing. Jumping over the mind, delving directly into the core.

When we are meditating – sincerely watching – we can intuitively catch thoughts and feelings as they arise in the moment. This will help us greatly with observing our state now!

So how to apply zen in our lives?

Be awake in the moment – move slower.

In our yoga classes, we practice by using what is needed in the moment and nothing more. We tune to our state now, and whatever is not needed in the moment can fall away. We don’t move too much. We watch – every moment.

And with a consistent practice, the unnecessary things disappear from our lives.

The essential remains.

It is a matter of being, and not of becoming.

Let’s keep practicing and exploring the art of zen, together.

“Philosophy is speculation, Zen is participation.” – Osho

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