1-on-1 Yoga Personal Training

The wellbeing program designed for you!

1-on-1 Yoga Personal Training is tuned to you. It is a comprehensive, individualised program that allows us to focus wholly on you. With focus on your current state and working towards your long term goals, we approach each session in a unique way.

We use a combination of holistic yoga tools to work together – allowing the transformation you are looking for to come up, and applying it to your life now.

1:1 Yoga PT is for you if you are looking for a refreshing change, steady support and gentle guidance. 

Whether you are looking for:

improved posture

changing weight

reduced stress

recovery & healing

building strength & improved flexibility

a deeper understanding of yoga

improved mental health

a lifestyle change

…or any other transformation in your life, 1:1 Yoga PT is the best gift you can give yourself.

Any level of practitioner can participate in the 1:1 Yoga PT program. Throughout the program, we can work around your schedule and keep going with ease. Classes are offered in-person and online!

What others have to say about 1:1 Yoga PT with Estie

“I’ve been doing yoga with Estie for the last 3 years. I started with Yoga PT classes in 2019. It was my first time ever doing yoga and I quickly learnt that yoga is about so much more than having a flexible body! Estie guided me into meditation and mindfulness through our yoga practice. Each morning I was excited to get up for PT and at the end of each class I felt completely relaxed, focused and energised for the day!

I joined her live online group classes in 2020, which feels similar to PT with Estie as she stays focused on each student and our individual needs in class. And it feels like I can just log on and there I have my instructor in my room!

Through yoga Estie has changed every aspect of my life. She is an absolutely amazing teacher! Through her yoga, I’ve become a lot more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I use yoga daily to calm my anxiety, and notice how my eating patterns make me feel, and what thoughts I am thinking. Since starting yoga with her, I am a lot calmer, and healthier, plus I lost 15 kgs!!!

I couldn’t recommend yoga personal training with Estie more to anyone that is in need of her services. She is absolutely amazing!”

- Thys

My journey with Estie started in May 2022, and in the last 4 months her guidance has transformed me in so many aspects of training, lifestyle, routine and thought.

With each personal training session, she takes great care of my personal needs as a student.

I finished my yoga training to become an instructor in Dec 2021, and for 5 months I had a fear to start teaching. With the personal training & mentorship from Estie, I had the opportunity to practise guiding in class, and soon after, she gave me the nudge to start teaching full classes. She has given me the confidence to share the knowledge I have gathered with other people, teaching me the life lesson that perfection & self-judgement is not necessary.

She noticed the tension in certain parts of my body, and the personal training classes focused on these areas. To bring awareness, to release & become more flexible with each class – guiding me to practice the asanas in specific ways with her & in my personal practice.

She has given me the blessing to still the mind through meditative breathing. My mind is constantly on the go, and she has given me the tools to be in the moment.

Regular breathing practice has also improved my breathing during asana practice & my body’s ability to rest in each posture. Through my breath, I am aware, naturally lengthening each inhale & exhale, meditating. This has created a sense of acknowledgment of everything happening around me without judgement.

Since I started practising with Estie, I have become more aware of my body & mind, noticing thoughts & feelings as they arise. Changing my lifestyle to that of a yogi, now everyday has yoga time which will stay forever.

It has been a great journey, and one that will continue.

Each moment is new. Each thing you do is exactly what it should be. Be free, be happy & love.

Thank you Estie, I’m forever grateful for everything!”

- Marli

About me

Hello! I am Estie, your yoga instructor and mentor.

This is a time of friends teaching friends, and what better opportunity to share our lives than through a yoga practice!

I’ve always had a passion for exploration, and have been travelling around South Africa and the world for a good couple of years now. Curiosity led me to yoga, and the explorer turned inwards. I have been practising yoga for 10 years, and some of the strongest and most meaningful relationships in my life have come from yoga connections. I continue to learn and grow with each new client and each new experience.

I share yoga as passed on to me by my teachers at the Ayurveda Yoga Academy in South Korea, carrying in my heart that “yoga is not only about technique, but about meditation and giving love. We have no boundaries, therefore we move beyond all politics, religions, philosophies, and principles. We accept anything that will help us transform. We believe we must heal as individuals to grow together as a community.”

I have been trained in and combine a number of traditional yoga styles to guide each practitioner towards a steady and comfortable posture. Whatever your individual goals are, we can go there. I am here to support you on your personal journey.

I would love to work with you and welcome you into our practising community, where you can really enjoy the benefits of making yoga a part of your lifestyle.

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to chat more about this special Yoga PT program!

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