Have you also found yourself feeling stuck in the busyness that can so easily become our whole day or even a whole year? At a certain point I catch myself thinking: “I just wanna rest!”

What is rest?

Not being bothered by tiredness is where we start.

What is the state of yoga? The state of the watcher.

When the watcher resides in his original nature, that is true rest.

An easy way to approach this is to say that when we are awake in the moment, that is when we are in a true state of rest.

Watching. Living through consciousness.

We don’t have to go to some foreign place to experience rest.

We can even take a trip inside our room – everyday things become new.

When I am eating, watching myself eat.
When I am cleaning, watching myself clean.
When I am working, just working.
Without focus on some outcome, just doing.
When I am watching, it becomes meditation.
This is resting.

Exhaustion that comes from movement is small. I can just eat a good meal and the energy can come back.

Exhaustion that comes from our minds – a mind that comes and goes – is draining. Energy just gets sucked out.

At that time it is really important to concentrate on one thing at a time. Real rest.

And keep practicing…

Learn the way to rest well.

Thank you to my teachers at Ayurveda Yoga Academy in South Korea for showing me to rest.

I invite you to practice with me or one of the wonderful teachers from our community.

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