What is it like to do yoga with Estie?

An interview with Thys:

Most days you will find Thys in his room working behind three screens, curtains drawn. A unique human in all his ways, he is not the kind of person you would expect to see at a yoga studio. But his interest was triggered and, about two years ago, he started doing yoga.

Thys has been practicing yoga with Estie since they got to know each other in 2019. We sat down for a chat to find out a little more about his experience so far.

Q Why did you start yoga?

I wanted to touch my toes. My body felt stiff, and I thought yoga would loosen me up. I felt like at the age of 38 I should at least be able to touch my toes.


Q And can you touch your toes?

No. It doesn’t matter. I realised that yoga doesn’t have anything to do with how far you can bend. Even though it has everything to do with your physical body, it is not exercise.


Q What does yoga mean to you?

I haven’t figured it out exactly, but I love it. It has definitely loosened up my body and I’ve noticed big changes physically. The best thing for me is that it leaves you with such an amazing feeling when you do it. My body feels soft, almost cozy, when I practice.

Perhaps the most meaningful to me is that yoga is so closely tied to meditation and mindfulness. When you are practicing yoga, you give yourself a whole hour to be mindful. Practicing yoga, or doing the physical practice, just makes it a lot easier to practice meditation.

This is why it is no longer important for me to be able to touch my toes.


Q What are the changes that you’ve noticed?

I’ve lost 10kg since I started doing yoga. But yoga has really seeped into all aspects of my life:

The philosophy of ‘Relax’ has become very important in my daily life. To be able to find a comfortable feeling in the body in a challenging posture is something I’m using in my business and in my life. I can come to a relaxed state when things are chaotic. I am able to make decisions with a calmer mind.

Not to mention my body feels like it has been massaged every day. My energy levels are noticeably different.

With consistent practice of foundational postures, I am also able to practice on my own and have been using sun salutations as a recharge during the day. It is like a pocket of energy I can tap into at any time.


Q Can you describe your experience with the style of yoga we practice?

It is very accessible. It wasn’t hard to get into at all. I also find it extremely valuable, being able to watch changes that happen as you continue with a regular practice.

I hated downward-facing-dog in the beginning. Now that my body is changing I am enjoying it more and more. Postures that are hard become easy.


Q What would you say to someone that says that they are not flexible enough for yoga?

My body before I started was arguably one of the stiffest bodies you could find. I have not, in my entire life, worked out or had any exercising routines. Naturally, I was extremely stiff.

This practice really is for everyone. You can start any day.

The fact that I hate exercise but love the practice of yoga speaks volumes.

I did start with a private instructor. There was definitely a barrier to overcome. However, once we started it wasn’t difficult at all, and, like I said, I love it.




If you’ve ever met Thys, his fun, loving, weird and amazing character would have left you smiling. It has been an absolute pleasure sharing in his journey of discovery through yoga.


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