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Yoga with Estie

Feel Good in Your Body and Mind

Aches and pains come up easily in the body when we become stuck ‘in mind.’ Our stress and injuries can cause tension and tightness in our bodies, and life can start to feel more difficult.

Yoga reduces body pain and creates a state of calm and ease.

Yoga with Estie is here to guide you towards that!

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Estie offers daily live online yoga classes that will help you feel more and more comfortable and at ease in your body and mind.

Yoga helps you relieve your body pain and improve your mobility, flexibility, and overall health, working with your whole body in a relaxed way. 

Our live online classes will show you how to do just that from home or anywhere!

In class we move through a specially designed sequence that works on specific areas of the body and energy within the body. 

With Estie’s comfortable teaching style, you will be guided through yoga poses that are easy to follow.

You’ll get clear instructions for how to relax and heal your body with Yoga!

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What can Yoga really do for my body?

With regular yoga practice, true transformation can come up. When we are awake and relaxed, we allow the whole body to heal, naturally. 

You’ll experience all of the following benefits (and more!):

Relief from body aches and pains

Reduced stress and anxiety 

Increased mobility, flexibility, and strength

Improved circulation and blood flow

Detoxing and improved functionality of vital organs

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Yoga starts from the body, and works with the body to bring us to more and more subtle parts of ourselves. More than the physical benefits of yoga, a steady and comfortable yoga practice increases our self-awareness and expands our learning, love and compassion.

Estie lovingly guides her students in a simple way. Students have reported relief from aches and pains such as back pain and joint pain, better sleep, improved strength and flexibility, improved daily energy, reduced stress, and more!

Here is what some of Estie’s students have to say about her yoga:

“Estie’s class gives your body a physical workout while helping you mentally detach from stress. Although I find some of the poses quite difficult, I think that keeping at it can only improve what I can do. “

Maz Ramjathan

“Online Yoga with Estie has transformed the way I start my day. It’s like a head start to life. My overall mood is more positive and refreshed and I am more productive and focused. “

Abel Knobel 

“I’ve been doing Yoga with Estie for the last two years, and she changed my life completely. I’ve seen such a positive change in almost every aspect of my life. Her style of teaching is very approachable and caring. ”

Thys Potgieter

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You’ll have full access to all these great benefits within minutes of placing your order.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed – if you’re not happy with it, for any reason or for no reason at all, just let us know within a month for a full refund.No questions asked. We’ll still be friends.

Try my classes risk free

The choice is yours. Choosing a journey of transformation through relaxation can be so simple. Join Estie on this Yoga journey, and enjoy the benefits of Yoga in your life every day! 

Yoga is a fantastic tool for you to feel good in your body and mind. And if it benefits you, it benefits those around you, too.

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See you on the mat!

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