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About Yoga with Estie

Welcome! We appreciate you being here.

Yoga with Estie is here to share the practice of yoga in a simple and comfortable way, so that you may enrich your life by becoming more relaxed in the moment – every day understanding more about ourselves so that a natural transformation can come up. 

Today Yoga with Estie hosts Online Yoga and Yoga events across Southern Africa. We are currently in South Africa, from where we practice with people from all over the world. 

Our Live Online Yoga schedule offers everybody an accessible and convenient way to explore the philosophy and practice of yoga. Estie’s approachable and professional style makes taking class easy and enjoyable.

We are here to support you on your personal journey. 


Yoga Online

Access unlimited live and recorded online yoga classes weekly with Estie. Take class from the comfort of your home or anywhere as we take the practice online. Let us support you on your journey of self discovery.

Yoga Events

Yoga hikes and retreats across Southern Africa! Combining our love for the natural world and movement, Yoga events hosted by Estie and friends aim to reconnect us with our essence through grounding and centering practices in nature.

Personal Training

Uncover your true happiness as we explore your path together. Through a holistic approach, and using different tools, we focus on your personal goals. Everything you want is already on its way to you.

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